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1stParent.com is a website dedicated to delivering information about parents. Parents are described as a mother or father, the person who either sires or give birth to or nurtures and raises an offspring.

Obviously, many combinations of parents, step parents, adoption, biological, non biological parents exist and we will discuss them in detail within this web site.

To become a parent obviously there is no written test. It is a function of the human body.

Since the world has a population explosion, therefore many countries like China have put a limit on people becoming a parent with the number of children they are allowed to have.

In human reproduction, the mother gestates her child, which is first called an embryo and then a fetus, in the uterus from conception or implantation until the fetus is appropriately developed to be born.

Technically speaking, the term embryo is used to describe the developing offspring during the first eight weeks following conception, and the term fetus is used from about two months of development until birth.


A parent is a mother or father; one who sires or gives birth to and/or nurtures and raises an offspring. The different roles of parents vary throughout the world and vary widely among locations, religious belief, social culture, and many other elements surrounding parent / child relationships.

Usually, due to the mother was the one to carry the offspring, she is closer to the child / parent relationship. The mother usually stays at home more and interacts more with the child. However, when the mother works and the father is at home caring for the child, they develop a closer bond.

The term parent can also be applied to persons who were not the biological parents but they fulfill the social role. Many possibilities exist in defining a parent, such as a step mother / step father or an adoptive mother or father and then we can include the advancement in reproductive technologies thus giving motherhood split between the genetic mother who provides the ovum and the gestation mother who carries the pregnancy. Then in many cultures and economic status roles, a social parent may actually raise the child.

Worldwide, the role of parent is very difficult to define because of the complexity and the differences found in various cultures, religious roles, social atmospheres and a wide variety of other items alter a universal single definition of a parent.

This web site delivers helpful information not only to parents, but those planning on becoming a parent. Also, we provide information for other family members regarding those becoming or who are parents at this time. Click on the image below and enjoy the information, services and products available.

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